The “umoji meditation” work information.

The “umoji meditation” work information.

UMOJI work come off Malice and dependence by “sacrum EARTHING”.

The “UMOJI, meditation” work from which a pillar of the light which connected with a universe rises.

UMOJI was born from tradition of a kimono, the meditation which is left and performed way with which I don’t get tired at all.
The original meditation way which can just fix the pelvis I introduced in February issue P56 in 2019 and free the negative energy easily “UMOJI meditation”.
Twice every month, the continuous classroom is held at a showroom of an anemone at night on Thursday by developer’s guidance!
“UMOJI meditation” fixes our pelvis using UMOJI a Japanese woman has used traditionally during Japanese kimono CULTURE, and is a performed completely new meditation way while standing up.
When a pelvis is fixed in UMOJI, our sacrum is actuated.
And “sacrum EARTHING” but it happens.
The malice and the negative energy which collected on a cell, a bone and CHAKURA are grounded to the earth through the sacrum, and a purge and the thing which is being freed are called sacrum EARTHING.
The wave motion which connects to a brain stem from the sacrum by that will activate each CHAKURA through the center of the body, and leads to heaven from a vertex and is a pillar of light.
It’s in the state Providence, a person and a place inserted it in the deep meditation state I don’t have so far naturally, and that led to one surely without being caused trouble by idle thoughts.
Information through a backbone stimulates a brain stem from the sacrum, and the beta endorphin called a happy hormone, a dopamine and a nervous communication substance of serotonin are secreted in quantities, so it’s possible to experience the state of the paradise.
The way the thing one desires and a life should face is probably also becoming clear.

The clearing Tanden(point below the navel (a focus point for internal meditative techniques)and the sacrum are adjusted and by which around the lower back and CHAKURA are malice.
The UMOJI meditation is also useful for our health at the same time. The clearing of collected malice can be made activation of “the self-healing power” “own immunity power”, around the lower back and CHAKURA by Tanden’s and the sacrum’s being adjusted, and the warp of the body is being also complete.
So the pain and the bad condition which made the bones the cause will be improved.
That a body is refreshed, when it’ll be lightly and I notice, concentration, the resilience, feeling and the posture also change.
A facial balance becomes good, and I come to have the good posture, and I do bust finish of a lady, and if, it’s even said that they can sense the effect I say!
A developer supports a method “YUMOJI meditation” and an experience politely for a participant individual each time in the classroom. A developer explains “meditation deepens, soon, leading to mysterious experience and Ascension experience” by repeating meditation.
Our kind remembers the energy is itself actually and that we can control the energy freely, and you’d be able to be going to the “selfless state” at which an ascetic of yoga and zen aimed finally.

● The life a soul asks is found out.

Why is your life now this to a work? �
Does it unite with the true “success” for you “happiness” “the mission of the life”?
In your life, a NI focus will be applied most deeply. An individual can find the life a soul asks through asking to himself.

The expected effect.
etc the mind and body state fatigue gets back/sacrum aah Synge forms/the hail bury having an influence on a clearing/a mind and body makes the street of the delayed energy good, and deviates from malice/that I have no capture is made/a brain is activated/a happy hormone is secreted, and the state of the paradise can be experienced/where idle thoughts can get meditation of another dimension without springing.

It’s one kind of underwear of female Japanese clothes and is also called a waistcloth. One from a waist the knee is covered up like a wrapping skirt and it’s put on under the hem avoidance.

The holding date and time

Event name
2019 year February 7 Thursday 19:00-20:30( (opening 18:30)
Inos complaint taka Hal.
The “YUMOJI, meditation” work from which a pillar of the light which connected with a universe rises
The capacity
20 people
The event number
Entrance fee
5000 yen (including tax)






When the energy of the heavens and the energy of the mind and body are connected, the soul that was sleeping will start the original force, and will show insight and expression power more and more. However, if you activate a strong force without proper mind and body, it is accompanied by a danger that strong energy will rage, the spirit will be drunk or actually injured. It is the hot water character that solves the problem and guides the flow of strong energy safely and smoothly. Once Japanese have stabilized the essentials of mind and body with hot springs and kimono bands, it seems that they used to make good use of their lives while connecting well with the energy of heaven and earth. Let’s stabilize the sacrum with the hot water character, connect the heavenly earth and the mind and body safely, and let us awaken the original power of the soul you have. ✨